Bedazzled rose, ranunculus and tulip compote

Let there be whimsy and there was and it was wonderful!

Welcome! We're so glad you're here!

In this crazy hectic world, let us help connect you to nature

with flowers that bring magical, sensory pleasure into your everyday.

Slow down for a moment, focus on the quiet within, immerse yourself in their evocative, ephemeral beauty.

Follow the curving stem of a showy scabiosa, inhale the delicate fragrance of a freesia, run your fingers over the soft texture of a dahlia bloom, listen to the swishing of the paper daisies as they jostle playfully in the breeze. 

Our florals are whimsical, unstructured, and free-spirited, full of joy and colour.

Designed to take your breath away.

Let’s toss out the rules and embrace the unconventional. There are no rules.

Appreciate the floral moments as these matter.

This moment is all we have.

Choose joy (and flowers).


Toni xx

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