About Us

Whimsy Petals operates out of a studio

in the beachside suburb of Trigg, Western Australia.

We create wildly romantic, free spirited florals

 inspired by colour and in harmony with nature

for your everyday life and celebratory life events.


Our Style

Sensuous, evocative, wildly romantic, whimsical, ethereal, unstructured, carefree, free spirited,

of the garden.

Our Why

Flowers seduce, heal, evoke memories, mesmerise, lift moods, give pleasure.

Since time immemorial they’ve weaved and flowed and sashayed their way through the narrative of our lives, accompanying us at times of high emotion.

Flowers are our intrinsic aesthetic,

the incarnation of beauty.

Now more than ever, this is what we need to reconnect with; this fleeting energy of nature that brings such joy to our souls and senses, helping us focus on the here and now in the

most beautiful way.

The ephemeral quality of flowers is a gift,

teaching us to pause and savour the moment.

This moment is all we have.

This is our why.

Gypsophila Million Star

Our Values

Social justice and inclusivity;

Spreading kindness;


Compassion and empathy;

Love and connection;

Treating others with respect and dignity;

Authenticity, honesty, integrity;

Supporting and encouraging others;

A deep respect for the natural environment;




My Story

I came to floristry quite late.

After many decades working in an office environment (the last 25 running my own bookkeeping/BAS Agent business),

I had a very strong yearning to break free and do something creative

so at the end of 2019 I took some quiet time to reflect

(that beautiful non-linear time between Christmas and New Year)

and floristry kept popping up. 

Funny because flowers were never on my radar and my only exposure over the years was to admire

the beautiful gardens of my parents' and grandparents' as my green thumb never developed.

So I stepped outside my comfort zone and enrolled in a TAFE Cert 3 and then followed this with

the Cert 4 Advanced Design Skill Set, finishing at the end of 2021.

I've finally found my passion and it's magical and all-consuming

and has awakened a creativity I didn't think I had.

It gives me so much energy and joy and my hope is to share such breathtaking beauty with you so that

your soul sings too.

Just remember

 you're never too old and it's never too late to jump in and

live the life you've always dreamed of.

Toni xx

Owner Whimsy Petals