Sustainable Floristry


We work with nature and not against it by creating earth-friendly floral designs with the smallest environmental footprint possible.

We celebrate nature by designing with purpose and awareness, and align with the values of the Sustainable Floristry Network (

We reduce, re-use, recycle and upcycle.

What does all of this mean?

Toxic floral foam

Instead of using toxic, carcinogenic formaldehyde-based floral foam which is non-biodegradable so won't break down in landfill, we use chicken wire, floral clay, flower frogs, gravel rocks and pebbles, willow/rattan/pliable reeds, wood wool or water vials to hold up our arrangements.

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#nofloralfoam #floralfoamfree 

Single use plastics

We avoid single use plastics (cello, wet pack bag, stickers, acrylic ribbons) to wrap or to present our arrangements in; instead we use jars, vases and other vessels which are a readymade water source. For the florals we purchase from market that are wrapped in scrunchable plastic, we dispose of this at local recycling bins.

#breakfreefromplastic #nosingleuseplastic

Altered flowers

We don't use preserved, dyed, bleached, chemical-laden altered flowers. It's a huge trend at the moment and those bright colours look amazing but this is to the detriment of our health and to the health of the environment. Taken from the Sustainable Floristry website:

"To create a spearmint gelati-coloured hydrangea, or a weeping amaranthus in fire-engine red, the material must first have all the natural pigment bleached from the plant. The harsh bleaching process renders the cellulose in the plant material brittle, so to counteract this, it’s immersed in preserving solution. Then there are humectants to retain moisture, solvents to assist with solution intake, fungicides to prevent mildew, and sometimes fragrance. If the material is being coloured, then dye is added. In effect, the plant material has had its fluids replaced, just like a head of state embalmed for eternal display."

These altered flowers can't be composted, it's to landfill they eventually go. Adding more unnecessary chemicals to our already toxic environment is crazy. Nature already has an abundance of beauty and colour, let's respect and revere that and stay connected with the essence, energy, vitality and scent of fresh, natural flowers. There's no pleasure in inhaling the chemical fragrance of preserved flowers.

The florals we use are all compostable and mulchable. Our clippings and off-cuts go into either our compost bin or the "big pile" in the back yard, where it all magically turns into nutritious garden mulch.

Low waste

We only buy what we need. There's a tonne of waste in the floral industry. Offering only a few floral choices, instead of dozens, helps us minimise the wastage. We buy and use what's fresh that day, and avoid sundry items like toys, balloons and showy wrapping to display and present our designs because continuing to add to landfill is not sustainable.

We love finding and using second hand vases and other interesting vessels so are always on the lookout. If you have a vase of your own that you'd like flowered up, we'd welcome that too as part of our "bring your own" scheme. Our "rent a vase" scheme also means less wastage.

If you've read this far, THANK YOU! 💗


​Between us all, we can each do our own little bit to help our precious Mother Nature.