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Dried florals, foliage and botanical bits hold a special place in our hearts

with their muted, understated, subtle charm.

They're all about celebrating maturing beauty and wisdom, recognising the march of time and 

appreciating worth past the exuberance and blush of "youth". 

With nothing to prove, the drieds are unapologetic and have grown into their

true authentic selves with grace and poise.

Let's celebrate their timeless everlasting beauty and find pleasure in

the weathered, the aged, the worn, the decayed, the "imperfect".

And as always, no bleached, no chemicals, no dyed, no preserved, no plastics and no floral foam

but instead all natural, all compostable, all beautiful, all real.

Just as nature intended.

Here's a peak at our Instagram page @wild_autumn_perth

where you can see what we've been drying.

Bare wreath_edited_edited.jpg


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